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Get your products to consumers faster with Ecosphere Global Logistics.


Safe, compliant, and efficient logistics services for the chemical industry.


Supporting the healthcare industry with first-rate logistics services for healthcare products, medical equipment, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products.


Minimise time to market and develop brand loyalty with our receptive logistics solutions for all your hi-tech equipment deliveries.


Transporting your heavy machinery and industrial equipment to destinations around the globe with world-class logistics solutions.

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When the need for speed is essential, choose Ecosphere Global Logistics

Ecosphere Global Logistics provides responsive, reliable logistics solutions for the automotive industry. Global demand for vehicles of every kind drives continuous improvement and encourages competition in the automotive industry. The automotive sector requires immense supply chains that operate seamlessly to ensure vehicles and vital components arrive at their destination on tight schedules. As automotive logistics specialists, we offer exceptional solutions for complex logistical needs.

Why use Ecosphere Global Logistics?


We have significant expertise in vehicle transportation and vehicle parts, logistics and distribution.


Ecosphere Global Logistics offers a range of service options, including priority, premium and next day delivery.


We offer fast, efficient services, utilising state of the art technology for full visibility of your shipment.


We offer a range of transport options with the safety and security of your cargo an absolute priority.

Ecosphere Global Logistics provides fast, innovative logistics solutions for the import, export and distribution of vehicles, components, and spare parts to and from destinations the world over. We oversee the entire logistics process from beginning to end, providing end-to-end project management for cost-effective vehicle transportation. Ecosphere Global Logistics design complete automotive logistics solutions that cover transportation, warehousing, inventory management and door-to-door service. If you need an automotive logistics service provider that you can rely on to act quickly, give us a call.

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Ecosphere Global Logistics- for when consumers want your products yesterday

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail sector are incredibly competitive. Companies are always searching for ways to improve their products and for ways to get products to consumers faster and at a lower cost. The FMCG sector requires a vast network of global logistics partners to keep it moving 24/7. Ecosphere Global Logistics understands that manufacturers and suppliers face fluctuating customer demand and fierce competition. Disruptions to supply chains can at best be challenging, and at worst can spell financial ruin. Ecosphere Global Logistics smooth out operational challenges and provide accuracy, responsiveness, and complete transparency in all our logistics solutions.

The retail industry covers:

  • High fashion garments
  • Fashion accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Sport and leisure goods
  • Jewellery

Our services include

  • Ocean freight FCL and LCL consolidation solutions
  • Priority, premium and economy air freight solutions
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Purchase order management
  • Inventory-management pick and pack, scan pack, product recalls
  • Supply chain visibility
  • 24/7 global client support services

Regardless of seasonal changes, Ecosphere Global Logistics remains steadfast in their quality of service, ensuring that your products hit the shelves at the right time.

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Chemical Logistics is serious business

Chemical logistics is a very complex sector which requires specialist knowledge. The chemical supply chain comprises products such as corrosives, flammable gases, pesticides, and explosives. The chemical supply chain requires a safe, compliant, and highly efficient logistics company to tackle the enormous challenges that chemical transportation presents. Manufacturers, carriers, and transport companies must adhere to strict regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous chemicals to protect workers and the general public from harm.

Ecosphere Global Logistics follows strict safety practices to ensure that your chemicals are delivered in a compliant and safe manner. We offer specialised dangerous goods transportation and warehousing solutions utilising Eco X technology for full visibility, data collection and instant reporting. Our dangerous goods experts continuously monitor changing global regulations for the handling, storing and transportation of hazardous chemicals to prevent safety hazards such as combustion and contamination. As industry experts, we will design chemical logistics solutions according to your requirements to ensure your products get to your clients' door on schedule.

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A healthy balance of human skill and AI delivering superior logistics solutions

Together, the extraordinary skill set of our logistics personnel and advanced AI contained in the Eco X digital platform allow us to deliver unprecedented service levels. We support the invaluable healthcare industry with first-rate logistics services transporting healthcare products, medical equipment, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products to and from global destinations. Our global network of partners enables us to integrate air, ocean, land, and Customs clearance services to provide the responsive, flexible logistics solutions that the healthcare industry relies on.

  • Air freight, ocean freight and chartered services
  • Refrigerated transport (reefer freight)
  • Supply chain management
  • Customs Clearance
  • Eco X digital management and support, including 24/7 track and trace capabilities and instant reporting
  • Global warehousing and distribution

The healthcare industry, incorporating pharmaceuticals, must adhere to strict regulations regarding the use, management, storage, and transportation of all medical products. Healthcare logistics requires extensive knowledge of the sector and associated rules for the safe and efficient transportation, and delivery, of valuable cargo. You can be confident that Ecosphere Global Logistics will ensure that your shipment arrives without any deviations in temperature, on time and within budget.

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Short product life cycles need lightning fast logistics solutions

The short lifespan of high-tech products demands a reactive and flawless supply chain. Technologies are developing so fast, due to extreme competitiveness within the industry that ultimately the product lifespan is becoming exceedingly short. Tech companies must manage their costs efficiently while acting on consumer demand immediately. Time-to-market is a vital component of your business, and the integrity and speed of your supply chain are crucial.

Minimise time-to-market and develop brand loyalty with Ecosphere Global Logistics receptive solutions for all your hi-tech equipment deliveries. We can tailor logistics solutions with fast import and export service, expert handling, and secure storage, as well as rapid delivery and global connectivity. Ecosphere Global Logistics designs dynamic supply chain solutions that react to market changes with ease and deliver on your client's expectations.

Our services include:

  • Customised air, ocean, and land services
  • Complete global warehousing and distribution
  • Serial number scanning and tracking
  • Climate-controlled, high-security facilities
  • Expert handling
  • Proactive milestone reporting

If you are looking for a hi-tech logistics partner with experience handling highly sensitive equipment, who provide full transparency and access to a global team of experts, talk to us today.

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We make light work of heavy equipment transport

As an experienced logistics provider, we offer multifaceted services, including project management, to move heavy machinery and industrial equipment to destinations around the globe. At Ecosphere Global Logistics, we provide comprehensive door-to-door shipping services for all out-of-gauge and heavy lift projects with full visibility and milestone reporting.

We offer a comprehensive range of logistics services to industrial companies the world over including, small manufacturers and large multinational corporations across multiple sub-sectors.

The international shipment of heavy and out-of-gauge equipment is a specialist service which requires the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of logistics professionals. Ecosphere Global Logistics call on a vast network of industry partners to manage your project from beginning to end. We offer pre-shipment preparatory services, international air and ocean freight services, destination services and outstanding project management.

Whether you are relocating an entire manufacturing plant, mobilising heavy equipment for a construction project, or moving smaller shipments of industrial equipment, we have the logistics solution to your problem.

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