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Our Technology and Innovation team holds some of the best technical talent available. Our specialists are experts in their field and have extensive freight forwarding and supply chain experience. Today, speed is the vital ingredient to your continued business success, and you must put your foot to the floor. Ecosphere Global Logistics' innovative Eco X digital platform accelerates the exchange of information and provides real-time visibility of your shipments. It allows you to respond immediately to disruptions when they occur, provides instant access to documentation and delivery reports all with instant messaging and 24/7 support.

Ecosphere Global Logistics will walk you through the change and integration process with our 5 Step Journey Assistance Package. The integration process is broken down into five manageable and actionable steps designed to speed up your processes from day one.

Digitising the supply chains of the future.

Consumer needs are rapidly changing, and with expectations higher than ever before, you need to be sure that you can meet increasing customer supply chain demands. Eco X will provide you with the digital logistics you need to meet and exceed your new and rapidly growing client needs. Traditional forwarders will offer you a level of costs, quality and efficiency that will get you by, but if you want to aim for future business success, YOU NEED MORE. Ecosphere Global Logistics, Eco X digital platform provides you with everything you need, including, data-driven service, pricing, information, and insights.

ECO X Is Your Global Digital Logistics Solution.

The Eco X platform was designed around Ecosphere Global Logistics vast network of connected partners and together with advanced technologies delivers three clear advantages:

Ecosphere Global Logistics is a unique business with global structure and no boundaries. Eco X works harmoniously within your business regardless of your geographic location and is the only solution you need to deliver a genuine digital advantage for your global logistics needs.

The Eco X platform will create, collate, share, and analyse your logistics data. The platform will suggest logistics options for improvement and provides tools for sharing and analysing data in collaborative groups for fast troubleshooting. Ecosphere Global Logistics and Eco X will become active participants in your logistics and supply chain improvement plans and your future success.

Contact us today to discuss our Five-Step Journey Assistance Package, alternatively, email us at tellmemore@ecospheregl.com.

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